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Deutsche Telekom's Startup Program

Startups need strong partners. Many have a good business idea and a clever business model, but often lack networks, sales channels or partners, and other resources for sustained success. That's why we developed the TechBoost startup program and support cloud-based startups that can already demonstrate success in the market and want to take the next steps with us.

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Advantages for startups

With TechBoost, we promote startups as a sales and infrastructure partner with access to a large network of suitable customers and free use of the DSGVO-compliant Open Telekom Cloud. The startups also benefit from the market position of a leading European digital group.

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Advantages for business customers

We support our business customers as an innovation partner with access to the TechBoost startup portfolio and thus enable collaboration with innovative, young companies whose solutions comply with the GDPR data protection guidelines. In this way, they receive the tailored know-how to make their business fit for the future.

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Matchmaking with TechBoost Connect

Techboost connects startups and companies

Find the right customers and partners with the matchmaking platform TechBoost Connect! Business customers post their challenge as a "challenge". Startups offer their solutions, from which the customer selects the most suitable one. TechBoost accompanies the entire project and takes care of purchasing, sales and contracting.

Company seeks

Logo Emons Spedition GmbH


Logistics company Emons placed the challenge to scan packages to be shipped and add any missing shipment dimensions.


Startup offers

Logo Spacific GmbH


Spacific GmbH applied for the challenge. The startup has developed a measurement app that measures objects offline and creates precise 3D models.


Success Story


Based on Spacific's "XR SCAN" measurement app, the partners have developed a solution that allows shippers to scan their packages and add all shipment-relevant data. With the three-dimensional model of the freight, the dispatcher can plan loading capacities more efficiently.

Company seeks

Logo Telekom


Telekom Deutschland GK uses a pitch deck with references to solve customer problems. Its handling should become easier and faster.


Startup offers

Logo FoxBase


FoxBase applied for the challenge; its solution uses suitable algorithms to accelerate and digitize B2B sales and significantly increase sales efficiency.


Success Story


With the help of FoxBase's solution, the pitch is simple, fast and concrete. The user-friendliness for sales and customer has increased, the reach has increased. The result is made available to the customer via download.

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Open Telekom Cloud

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Data protection according to the strictest EU specifications

The Open Telekom Cloud is 100% committed to the strict requirements of the GDPR. Independent certifications prove our DSGVO and compliance conformity.

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Safe and flexible technology

Our state-of-the-art and geo-redundant data centers protect data from system failures and data loss. Our cloud operating system is based on Openstack - vendor lock-in is eliminated.

Logo # Green Magentra

Sustainability and environmental protection

Our data center in Biere requires 30% less energy than conventional data centers and is powered by electricity from 100% renewable sources. We also use the heat emissions from our servers to preheat the generators.

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Top price-performance ratio

Tests and calculations by professional analysts show: In terms of price-performance ratio, the Open Telekom Cloud is the best-in-class solution compared with the leading hyperscalers.

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Personal support

Our experts provide fast and competent advice on all matters.

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