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"TechBoost helps us identify the right startup easily and quickly"

Tilo Hergarten
Head of Digitalization
Emons Spedition GmbH

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How we boost your business

The innovation boost for your company

Companies depend on agile, digital and innovative business processes to remain competitive. With digital solutions and the know-how of tech startups, they can respond more flexibly to new requirements in the business world.

But how do business customers find the right startup? That's what we developed our TechBoost Connect matchmaking platform for. Here you can access innovative solutions from over 750 verified B2B startups and thus one of the largest startup programs in Germany. Their expertise covers all topics and industries. Highest security is guaranteed: All the startups' solutions run on the Open Telekom Cloud in compliance with the German Data Protection Act (DSGVO).

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The right dose of innovation for your company

  • Access to more than 750 qualified startups
  • Solutions on the DSGVO-compliant Open Telekom Cloud in German data centers
  • Matchmaking on TechBoost Connect
  • Implementation of innovation workshops

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How does matchmaking work on TechBoost Connect?

You identify your challenges and post them as a challenge on the TechBoost Connect matchmaking platform. It's easy, intuitive - and anonymous if you wish. Our TechBoost startups apply for the challenge with suitable solutions and you then select the right partner from the matches. Our experts advise you, supervise the collaboration and handle all processes from purchasing and sales to contracting.

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Innovation workshop

TechBoost offers even more than matchmaking: As a Corporate Innovation Partner, we conduct innovation workshops with you. In this way, you get to know your core competencies and can develop growth strategies. For this purpose, you select the most suitable startup solutions for your current challenges from a pre-selection made by us. In a workshop moderated by us, these present themselves and a decision is made on further cooperation. Subsequently, the suitable innovation is tested in a joint proof-of-concept.

The perfect match

Company seeks

Logo Emons Spedition GmbH


The logistics company Emons develops digital, innovative business models in the Emons | DIGITAL division. As part of one of the projects, the challenge "Missing shipment dimensions" was placed.


Startup offers

Logo Spacific GmbH


The startup Spacific applied for the challenge with its self-developed measurement app. The experts from TechBoost connected Emons Spedition GmbH | DIGITAL Projekt Team and Spacific GmbH and supported the cooperation.


Success Story


Emons | DIGITAL had already dealt intensively with the underlying problem of missing dimensions of shipments in advance. On the basis of the "XR SCAN" measurement app from Spacific, an innovative solution for shipment recording was developed. The shipper of a shipment can scan his package with the app and add all shipment-relevant data. The dimensions are automatically recorded as a 3-D model. In this way, the dispatcher can use the actual measurement data to plan the loading capacities of a truck more efficiently and increase capacity utilization.

Company seeks

Logo Telekom


Telekom Deutschland GK uses a pitch deck with references to solve customer problems. Its handling should become easier and faster.


Startup offers

Logo FoxBase


FoxBase applied for the challenge; its solution uses suitable algorithms to accelerate and digitize B2B sales and significantly increase sales efficiency.


Success Story


With the help of FoxBase's solution, the pitch is simple, fast and concrete. The user-friendliness for sales and customer has increased, the range has been increased. The result is made available to the customer via download.

Photo by Sven Behrendt

The step into digitization succeeds all the better if the familiar paths are deliberately left behind. The creative and inspiring solutions from the start-up scene support us in our open innovation approach, and Telekom's TechBoost program provides an exciting platform for new ways of thinking.

Vorstand / Executive Board Member | RENOLIT SE
Sven Behrendt

Photo by Daniel Vollmer

The exchange with innovative startups is a source of inspiration for us to rethink the use of technology. With TechBoost startups, we repeatedly get to know motivated and committed founders who really infect us with their enthusiasm. Working with startups also gives us the opportunity to contribute our ideas at an early stage so that we can benefit from the added value of the products at an early stage.
TechBoost startups: where founders meet entrepreneurs to bring ideas to life.

Director IT | ROSE Bikes GmbH
Daniel Vollmer

Photo by Tilo Hergarten

To live up to the claim of implementing our projects as innovatively as possible, we need the right partners. TechBoost helps us to identify these partners easily and quickly. This helps us gain speed - a major advantage in the digital environment.
TechBoost helps us identify the right startup easily and quickly.

Head of Digitalization | Emons Spedition GmbH
Tilo Hergarten

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